Laurel Highlands Council


Family Camping


This is an exciting opportunity for your family to experience the scenic outdoors and fun adventures at one of the many camp properties of the Laurel Highlands Council.  

Family Camp is a weekend to hike, enjoy nature, read a book, relax, visit a local attraction or participate in many other exciting activities.

To participate in Family Camp, at least one member of the family must be a registered Cub Scout, Scout, Venturer, or Explorer. Families attend together (Guardians and children); this is not a unit-organized event. Families register as a family, arrive as a family, and enjoy the weekend together as a family. If several families from a unit want to attend together, that's great...just have each family register themselves as a family.

As a members-only activity, your family is assured of a more peaceful and pleasant experience than you might have at a public campground, not to mention more elbow-room and friendly faces throughout the property.

The weekend will be very loosely scheduled so your family can pick and choose from family camp activities, some will offer self-guided trips to visit local attractions. Information about ther programs, if offered, will be provided during check-in.

This is a family event, not a Scout event where advancement and other Scout activities are part of the program.

It’s a weekend of open program; you won’t find a rotation of stations like day camp or summer camp.


In order to reserve campsites (cabins will not be available) you must fill out the form below. Please allow 48 hours for a response. Not all camps or weekends will be available, please be prepared to be flexible. You will be required to be checked in and will be subject to COVID-19 screening procedures. Unit camping will be required to pre-screen prior to arrival. 

Weekend Camping Request


You will be able to drive a vehicle to a spot on the road near your campsite to unload gear. Please DO NOT drive into the campsites, as this can cause damage. Once you have unloaded, your vehicle will need to be parked in either the Main or Overflow parking lots. A vehicle-free camp helps maintain a camplike setting and improves safety for all campers.