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Non-Cash Gifts


Non-Cash Gifts

You can help ensure the success of Scouting in the Laurel Highlands Council with meaningful non-cash gifts by donating vehicles, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, securities, uniforms, camping equipment and even by designating a portion of your purchase on to Scouting!


Boy Scouts | Amazon Smile

Amazon Smile allows you to support local Scouting every time you shop Amazon, at no cost to you. Simply go to and you'll find the exact prices, selection and convenient shopping, but the Laurel Highlands Council will receive a percentage of your purchase.

Visit for more information and to enroll. Be sure to select Boy Scouts of America-Laurel Highlands Council as your charity.


Boy Scouts | One Car

The benefits last a lifetime! Participation in the tax-deductible vehicle donation program, whether it comes from the donation of fleet vehicles, work trucks or forklifts – virtually anything with a motor or wheels – the money helps the Scouts fund programs that shape our future leaders. Just one donation can become hundreds and even thousands of dollars the Laurel Highlands Council can use to give America’s youth a chance to build self-confidence, serve their community, and grow through new experiences.

Participating in the Boy Scouts of America’s vehicle donation program is simple and straightforward. For more information or to initiate the process of donating a vehicle, visit or call (855) 272-1227.


Gifts In-Kind are a win-win situation for you and the Scouting program. The Laurel Highlands Council has an extensive list of items that are needed for the normal operation of the Scouting program. Items collected will allow us to continue to provide our quality values based programs to more than 17,000 youth in our Council. Needed items include food product for camp, office and medical supplies, paper products, and in-kind services such as printing, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, etc.

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