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Scouting at Home

Best Practices

Laurel Highlands Council would like to offer our Scouting units and families opportunities to participate in Scouting activities from the comfort of their own home! Check out this page, and visit often for frequent updates to keep you and your Scouts having fun at home!

LHC Scouting Contests

Canceled campouts, postponed Scouting activities?

We want to keep our Scouts and families busy and entertained while concerns of COVID-19 are keeping Scouting families at home. That doesn't mean that Scouting has to stop! Join in the fun and participate in our contests! 

#CampTshirtLHC Contest

We know that all of our Scouts and Scouters have a FAVORITE Laurel Highlands Council Camp. So, let us know which is your favorite by wearing your FAVORITE LHC Camp T-Shirt and sharing your photo to social media.

Contest Rules:
1. Take a photo in your favorite Laurel Highlands Council Camp T-Shirt
2. Post the photo using a NEW post on YOUR social media page. Please do not use the comment section to share pictures.
3. The #CampTshirtLHC hashtag MUST be included in the post to qualify. Photos posted without the hashtag will not be entered into the drawing because we will not be able to find the entry.
4. Contest runs from Friday, May 15th to Sunday, May 24th
5. A winner will be selected at random on Tuesday, May 26th

Scouter Justin

If you haven't been follwoing along on Facebook, join Scouter Justin as he teaches new Scouting skills and techniques.

Scouter Justin

30 Day Cub Scout Challenge

Help your Cub Scouts keep their Scouting skills top notch by participating in the 30 Day Cub Scout Challenge. Each challenge has activities to assist with adventure and elective requirements. Click on the program links below to download the appropriate rank 30 Day Cub Scout Challenge. 

30 Day Scouts BSA Challenge

Keep your Scouting skills top notch by participating in the 30 Day Scouts BSA Challenge. Each challenge has activities to assist with requirements. Click on the program links below to download the appropriate rank 30 Day Scouts BSA Challenge. 

Advancement During COVID-19

Boy Scouts of America Advancement Guidelines

The outbreak of COVID-19 has canceled everything from campouts to boards of review, but that doesn’t mean Scouting has to stop. As the spread of COVID-19 continues, many Scouting Families are inquiring about advancement for their Scouts.  When it comes to Scout advancement, youth, parents, and leaders should work together to implement creative, common sense ways to facilitate advancement while adhering to the Guide to Safe Scouting and following the rules of Youth Protection training.

A full list of question and answers regarding Cub Scout, Scouts BSA, Venturing, and Sea Scouting advancement can be found below as well as reference resources so that the fun and adventure of Scouting can continue at home without significant interruption.

Advancement FAQ


At Home Merit Badges

More MB's At Home


More Reference Links

Scouting at Home Ideas

Digital Safety Tips


Recording Youth In a Virtual Camp Setting

Councils who are coordinating a virtual camping experience can record youth as part of their council coordinated virtual camp(s).
This recording permission does not apply to unit level activities. Units must continue to follow the policy detailed in the Digital Safety and Online Scouting Activities Safety Moment.