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Membership Resources


Membership Resources

Welcome to the Laurel Highlands Council Membership Resources page. Here you will find recruitment tools and forms to make your recruitment season an easy, but a successful one! If you have questions about any of the tools or forms on this page, please contact your District Executive. 

Cub Scouts & Recruiting

Membership Growth Plan

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2020 Be A Scout AOL Transition


Membership Kick-Off 2020


Membership Planning


Recrutiment Ideas

Idea Book

44 Ideas

Hike, Bike Fish Membership Event

Join us on Saturday, September 26th from 9:00 a.m. to noon for the Hike, Bike, and Fish event. There are multiple locations to choose from, so attend the nearest and best for you!

Click the image below for futher details and to register!

Scouts BSA

Recrutiment Ideas

Idea Book


Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!

More Resources

Flyer Request

Membership Assistance

Position Codes

Routing Form

National Fee Infographic