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Program Training Conference/ University of Scouting


Laurel Highlands Council is proud to announce a special opportunity for its members to receive training “beyond required training” at the Program Training Conference (PTC). The Conference is designed for registered Pack, Troop and Crew leaders and parents. We are also providing program training for Venturing youth and Den Chief Training for youth (both Venturers and Boy Scouts).

The PTC session topics range from understanding the behaviors of youth in Dens, Packs, Patrols and Troops, to learning new ideas about how to use crafts in meetings or using an everyday item such as duct tape for a variety of emergency and non-emergency situations. Some of the topics refer to specific levels of scouting. For example, Making Merit Badges Memorable, but some cross levels, like Working with Your Charter Organization Representative or What Every Leader Should Know About Their District. In addition to the courses, we plan to have a Midway where vendors and scouting-related groups will be able to display their services and goods. The Midway provides an opportunity to meet with friends and new acquaintances while learning what is available. The PTC is based on the University of Scouting concept offered in many councils. Our PTC is a one-day supplemental training covering a variety of topics.

Our program hopes to:

1. Wet leaders’ and parents’ appetite to learn more about scouting,

2. Answer some questions and provide ideas about how to help scouts get more out of the program

3. Introduce new/old scouters and parents to a variety of individuals who can be resources for the unit or district.

Our goal is to have everyone who attends leave with at least one new piece of information or contact, plus a renewed enthusiasm for the Scouting program. Lunch is provided as part of the cost of the PTC.

The Dutch Oven Course will be conducted as a day long session and they may be able to share some samples if you are not in the class.

Venturing Leader Specific Training has been added to the course offerings. It will be held in the morning and participants will be able to join the other leaders for the joint youth and adult session in the afternoon.

We hope units encourage their leaders and parents to join us on March 24, 2018 at Gateway Middle School in Monroeville.

Registration for the training is at The cost is $ 25.00.

Attendance at this event will satisfy the performance requirement to attend an additional supplemental or advanced training event for Training Awards.

For more information about the event contact Mercy Faust,, or you District Training Chair or District Executive.

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