Laurel Highlands Council

University of Scouting/Commissioners College



March 21, 2020 - 

Laurel Highlands  are proud to announce a special opportunity for its members to receive leader specific training and training “beyond required training” at the University of Scouting. This day of training is designed for all Pack, Troop and Crew leaders and parents. We are also providing program training for Venturing youth and Scouts-BSA youth by offering courses such as Den Chief Training and ILISTfor youth. In addition, Commissioners are invited to attend special classes just them.

The courses to be offered at being developed and will be published online.  We will focus on a variety of topics from hands-on to courses meant to inspires leaders to look at Scouting in a new way.   We will even have a class on Exploring, a program meant to prepare students with life and career skills. In addition to the courses, we plan to have a Midway where vendors and scouting-related groups will be able to display their services and goods. The Midway provides an opportunity to meet with friends and new acquaintances while learning what is available.

Our program hopes to:

1.     Provide the necessary basic training that leaders need in order to be effective in providing youth the program offered by Boy Scouts of America.

2.     Wet leaders’ and parents’ appetite to learn more about scouting,

3.      Answer some questions and provide ideas about how to help scouts get more out of the program

4.      Introduce new/old Scouters and parents to a variety of individuals who can be resources for the unit or district.

Our goal is to have everyone who attends leave with at least one new piece of information or contact, plus a renewed enthusiasm for the Scouting program. Lunch is provided as part of the cost of the PTC.

Venturing Leader Specific Training course offerings. It will be held in the morning and participants will be able to join the other leaders for the joint youth and adult session in the afternoon.

We hope units encourage their leaders and parents to join us on March 21, 2020.

Attendance at this event will satisfy the performance requirement to attend an additional supplemental or advanced training event for Training Awards.

For more information about the event contact Laurel Highlands Council Coordinator Melissa Ozment at

The location is yet to be confirmed, but will be announced earlyl in 2020.