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Cub Scout Camping


Cub Scout Camping

Camping takes you on exciting adventures into the natural world. You'll learn to live with others in the out-of-doors. You'll learn to be a good citizen of the outdoors.

Camping is fun, and it's good for your mind, body, and spirit. It helps you learn to rely on yourself—on your own skills and knowledge. When you go camping as a Cub Scout, you get skills you will learn and use more, later, as a Boy Scout. There are lots of different opportunities for Cub Scouts to go camping including day camps, resident camps, Webelos den overnight campouts, family camps, and pack overnighters.

Pack Overnight Campouts

Packs can hold overnight campouts for the families in the pack. Cub Scouts' brothers and sisters can go on these pack overnighters. In most cases, each Scout will camp with a parent or guardian. Every young camper must have a designated adult responsible for them. Pack overnights must be led by an adult who has completed Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO) training. Find out when BALOO training will be offered in your area by checking out our council training calendar.

Webelos Den Overnight Campouts

Webelos and Arrow of Light dens are the only dens within a Cub Scout pack that can go on their own overnight campouts. Each Webelos Scout camps with his parent or guardian. Campers learn the basics of Boy Scout camping, under the direction of the Webelos or Arrow of Light den leader. Sometimes, leaders and Scouts from a Boy Scout troop may join you. Webelos dens can also have joint overnight campouts with a Boy Scout troop. Each Webelos Scout has a parent or guardian with him on these joint campouts, too. Webelos den overnights must be led by an adult who has completed Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (BALOO) training. Find out when BALOO training will be offered in your area by checking out our council training calendar.

Council and District Organized Family Camps

Council and district organized family camps are overnight camps for more than one Cub Scout pack. You may hear these events called Parent-Pal Weekends, Winter Weekends, or Webelosrees which are just for Webelos and Arrow of Light dens. Each Cub Scout and Webelos Scout camps with a parent or guardian. These events offer fun competitions between dens and activities that Cub Scout packs are not allowed to do on their own such as BB gun shooting and archery.

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Community Day Camp

Community day camps are summertime activities that take place in multiple locations around the Laurel Highlands Council under the leadership of a BSA National Camp School trained staff. Each community day camp lasts three days and does not include an overnight.  Activities include games, crafts, BB gun shooting, archery, and much more.  Community day camps have a different theme each year such as Wild West, Space Adventure, or Knights of the Roundtable. Siblings are able to attend these events.

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Cub and Webelos Scout Resident Camp

Cub and Webelos Scout Resident Camp is the ultimate Cub Scout camping experience!  Scouts, the leaders, and parents/guardians stay overnight for three or four days at one of Laurel Highlands Council's Cub Scout Resident Camp Facilities - Camp Independence at Heritage Reservation or Camp Seph Mack.  Activities include many of the favorites from day camp like BB guns and archery and also include swimming, boating, campfires, climbing, and more. Webelos Scouts get to do even more!

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