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Frontline Heroes Camp Card Campagin: Pay it Forward

This campaign is a compliment to the original Camp Card program. This training guide serves to update members on the purpose of the Frontline Heroes Camp Card Campaign, how to implement it, and give details of the campaign.


The campaign’s purpose is to deliver 10,000 Camp Cards (discount coupon cards) to our Frontline Heroes after the quarantine period ends. This is our way to “Pay it Forward” and thank our Frontline Heroes for putting themselves on the front line to keep us safe.

Our Scouts and Scouting families will share the social media link to promote the $5 Frontline Hero Camp Card Campaign. Those who select to “Pay it Forward” will be able to select the unit in which they have an association. At the end of the campaign, Scouts and leaders will deliver the cards to the employees of local hospitals, fire stations, police stations, pharmacies, grocery stores, and restaurants after the quarantine period is over.

We are asking the community (our friends, family, and other network contacts to “pay it forward” to local heroes by donating $5 to the Frontline Heroes Camp Card Campaign (a discount coupon card).

Pay it Forward and donate $5.00 to the Frontline Heroes Camp Card Campaign by clicking the button below.  


A Scout is Thrifty

The Camp Card Sale is designed to help Scouts earn their way to summer camp, a BSA National High Adventure Base, National Jamboree, or Cub Scout Day Camp. The Camp Card is a “discount card” that offers deals at area businesses to the purchaser. The purchase price of a Camp Card is $5.00 and participating unit Scouts will earn 50% commission for each card they sell!

Card Value Exceeds Cost

A customer can purchase a Camp Card for only $5.00, but the card’s value is much greater than the cost. In most cases the customer will recover the purchase price by using one or two of the discounts on the card.

Online Offers

Purchasers can redeem hundreds of online offers for a variety of different categories, including dining, shopping, travel, things to do andservices.

Users create an account by activating the access code printed on their Camp Card by visiting The account and offers are good through the end of the calendar year. Offers may be printed out from a computer or accessed through the SaversGuide app on a smartphone.

Note* Online offers also “travel” with the user, so wherever you and your your smartphone happen to be located at any particular time, anywhere in the country, you’ll see offers in that specific area!

Online istructions are listed on each Camp Card.
Sample view of the website with online offers and categories.


To participate in the sale units must register.

Register Now!


The Camp Card commission is 50% on all sales if paid in full by April 30, 2020, with the   Scout earning $2.50 for each card sold.  Units  keep  their  Scouts’ share  of  all  sales  and pay  the Council by check at one time.  Units are encouraged to track their Scouts’ sales so that Scouts can use the proceeds to pay for summer camp. However, it the responsibility        of the unit committee to decide how their unit’s funds are to beused.

Returns & Additional Cards

No returns will be accepted. Units may continue to sell their unsold cards after they have settled their bill.  Units  may  request  additional  cards  during  the  sale  while  supplies  last by ordering them through their District Executive, or through CampCards2020.


Payment of $2.50 per card ordered must be received at either Scout Service Center by    April  30,  2020.  Payments  not   postmarked   for   April   30   will   be   considered   late.   Unit commission drops to 40% for payments received after May 1, 2020 and to 30% for payments received after May 31,2020.

Unit Camp Card Sale Coordinator

It is strongly recommended that each unit recruit a parent to act as a Camp Card Sale Coordinator.  This  person   will   serve   as   the   principal   promoter   and   organizer   for   the sale, and she or he should work closely with the  unit  leaders  who  are  planning  the unit’s summer camp trips.Responsibilities:

  • Order and receive their overall supply ofcards.
  • Organize and conduct a Camp Card Kickoff to promote the sale to families, distribute cards and publicize duedates.
  • Email reminders to everyone involved that include due dates and news about thesale.
  • Settling up the invoice (including returns) when the sale isconcluded.

Set Goals, Achieve Goals, Earn Your Way to Camp

Selling Camp Cards will not only help offset the costs associated with a Scout attending camp, it will also teach him the values of being thrifty, managing money, setting and achieving goals and earning his own way. It’s important for units to teach their Scouts and to persuade parents to set individual Scout goals for sales and also to communicate an overall sales goal at their unit’s Camp Card Kickoff to Scouting families. Not only will this increase the likelihood that your Camp Card fundraiser will  be  successful  for  the  unit  and  for  all  Scouts  and  families who participate, it will set expectations for success and teach these important values toyouth.

Goal Setting Example

A Boy Scout troop with 25 Boy Scouts sets a troop goal of $6,250, with a per Scout sales goal of 50 cards per Scout. ($5.00 X 50 cards = $250.00 per Scout. $250.00 per Scout X 25 Scouts = $6,250).

The commission rate is 50% of all sales - So, out of the $250 each Scout sells, $125 is kept by the troop for the Scout and $125 is sent to the Laurel Highlands Council.  The Council’s  portion is used to help support camping facilities and programs, less costs of thesale.

The troop committee decides that of the $125 each Scout earns by selling 50 camp cards, $25 will be used to purchase much needed  new  camping  equipment.  That  would  give  the  troop $625 ($25 x 25 Scouts) for new equipment and leave  $100.00  per  Scout  to  use toward their fees to attend summercamp.

The troop also makes the decision to allow  any  Scouts  who  sell  more  than  50  camp  cards (assuming all Scouts sold at least 50 cards) to use the extra revenue towards summer camp. So, a Scout who sells 75 cards would have $187.50 to use towards summer camp   fees (75 cards x $5.00 = $375.00. 50% commission =$187.50

Unit Kickoff

Each unit will want to plan a meeting to distribute cards to Scouts/family members. It is suggested that this be done at the same time that summer camp plans are being discussed, as that might help get everyone excited. Consider giving every Scout/family a minimal number of cards to get everyone involved (example: give everyone 10 cards). Setting an expectation will help build momentum for the sale. Be sure to collect all unsold cards back from Scouts at the end of the sale!

How to Sell Camp Cards

One of the roles of the camp card sale coordinator is to teach Scouts and families how to sell. Since the cards are good throughout south-central PA, not just in the town you live in, here are several good methods:

  • Sell to family members.
  • Sell toneighbors.
  • Sell at church or other communitysites.
  • Ask Mom and/or Dad to sell them atwork.
  • Consider a “Show & Sell” display at a communityevent.

Safety and Courtesy

Be sure to review these safety and courtesy points with all of your Scouts,and families:

  • Sell with other Scouts under the supervision of adult leaders, and never sell alone.
  • Never enter anyone’s home.
  • Do not sell after dark unless with an adult.
  • Don’t carry large amounts of cash.
  • Always walk on a driveway or sidewalk.
  • Be careful of dogs and other pets.
  • Say “thank you” whether or not the prospect buys a card.

Sales Techniques for Scouts

Don’t miss the opportunity to use the camp card sale as a chance to train Scouts in public speaking, sales, and service. Scouts and parents will appreciate the effort, and your sales will improve. Have Scouts role-play and practice on your kickoff night. Steps to prepare Scouts:

  • Wearuniforms.
  • Smile and be able to introducethemselves.
  • Be able to explain how the sale helps the Scout attend summercamp.
  • Be able to explain discounts that the purchaser willreceive.

A full printable version of the Camp Card Selling Guide can be accessed below.

Leader Guide

If you have any questions, please contact your District Executive.