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Welcome to the Allohak Menewi Lodge 57 History Portal, where the history of the Order of the Arrow of Western Pennsylvania, Western Maryland, and West Virginia comes alive.  Allohak Menewi Lodge 57 was formed in 2012 from the merger of Enda Lechauhanne Lodge 57 and Nachamawat Lodge 275. In 2012, Ahtuhquog Lodge 540 was welcomed into the Lodge. The consolidation of Scout Councils is described in the Laurel Highlands Council Merger History.

Allohak Menewi Lodge 57 takes its place in history after a long lineage of earlier lodges starting in 1931. Those lodges include:

Kuwewanik Lodge 57


Anicus Lodge 67


Sagamore Lodge 130


Chimalus Lodge 242


Monachgeu Lodge 275


Wisawanik Lodge 347


Wopsononock Lodge 347


Amadahi Lodge 441


Shingis Lodge 497


Hopocan Lodge 275


Ahtuhquog Lodge 540


Kiasutha Lodge 57


Nachamawat Lodge 275


Scarouady Lodge 130


Tanacharison Lodge 67


Enda Lechauhanne Lodge 57


Allohak Menewi Lodge 57



Click on the name of a lodge above to check out its Patch Vault archive. 

Read the full history of Allohak Menewi Lodge 57:

History of Allohak Menewi Lodge 57, Order of the Arrow

Awards and Distinctions

Throughout the history of the Order of the Arrow of Western Pennsylvania, Western Maryland, and West Virginia, its members have been not only leaders in the lodge but also nationally. The recognitions received were earned through hard work and delivering the promise of Brotherhood to its youth.  The following links are presented to recognize those who brought honor to Allohak Menewi Lodge 57 and our predecessor lodges.

Vigil Honor Distinguished Service Award Founders Award
James E West Fellowship OA Legacy Award 100th Anniversary Service
Black Sash Award Daniel Carter Beard Award Centurion Award

Join Our Team!

Allohak Menewi Lodge 57 has a team of historians, data specialists, and archivists taht are currently working on preserving the history of the lodge and predecessor lodges. If you are interested in helping with this monumental work, or even just being on a mailing list to follow the progress, please fill out the online form below:

Form Coming Soon!

Help Needed!

Allohak Menewi Lodge 57 has started working on a digital archive of the lodge records and those of the predecessor lodges. We are looking for:

  • Minutes of meetings
  • Manuals of administration
  • Officers
  • Charters
  • Banquet programs
  • Historical items/news clippings
  • Membership lists
  • Newsletters
  • Photos/slides
  • Misc. items

We are looking for original records to add to the archives or if possible to borrow the records to make a scan. If you have a personal file of any of these records, we would like a copy.  We are also able to receive scans if you have the ability to scan the document into a pdf file.  Here is an example of a newsletter from Wopsononock Lodge 347, one of our predecessor lodges. Smoke Signals May 1971. The lodge is also working on a document archive to hold the actual records at our Brotherhood Lodge at Heritage Reservation.

To make a contribution to the archives or request information, please contact us using the online form below:

Form Coming Soon!