Laurel Highlands Council

Accident and Sickness Insurance


Accident and Sickness Insurance

Although Scouting programs are designed for safety, accidents may happen. Coverage under this policy extends to all members.  New members added during the year are automatically covered until the renewal date. Non-Scouts and guests who are being encouraged to become Scouts or leaders are automatically insured while in attendance at a scheduled activity.  Other guests are not covered. The plan provides year-round coverage for injuries occurring anywhere in the world while participating and traveling to and from in an official Scouting activity or official Scouting overnight activity.

The coverage provided by Health Special Risk is Primary for the first $300.00 then excess of all other insurance or healthcare plans in force.  Bills must be filed through your primary/personal insurance carrier or health care plan prior to this policy responding.  If the total charges are less than $300.00, this insurance will pay without other insurance coordination.  When your primary insurance company or healthcare plan process the charges, they will send you an Explanation of Benefits (EOB).  Please submit copies of the EOB along with your claim to Health Special Risk.  In the event, you have no other primary insurance or healthcare plan, this policy with pay as primary subject to the plan limits and terms.

Liability Insurance

Occasionally, when planning an event (camp out, popcorn sale, etc), a facility may request a certificate of liability insurance. Please click here to request a certificate. Please note that it may take up to two weeks, depending on the facility requirements.

Vehicle Insurance

Unit vehicles and trailers should be added to the Charter Partner's insurance policy.