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Recruiting & Community Service Plan

Ready to Learn How to Camp?

Are you new to camping? Want to spend the weekend in a tent, but just aren't sure? Join a local pack, troop, or crew in your community as they present "Learn How to Camp." If you are interested in learning more about camping and the great outdoors, send us an email using the link below. In the email, include where you are from and what your camping experience is. Then, we'll connect you with a unit in your are so that you can Learn How to Camp!

Learn How to Camp


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The COVID-19 Pandemic has made it harder for us to recruit new Scouts. But fear not! A group of LHC volunteers is working hard to provide you with a new tool in your recruiting toolbox: Learn How to Camp!

The need for social distancing has caused many families to skip their regular vacation plans and try camping for the first time. Being first-timers, though, they lack outdoor skills, and many didn’t have much fun. Scouts to the rescue! Our outdoor skills are legendary, so why not use them to attract new families to our program?

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