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Summer Resident Camp

Scouts BSA Resident Camp

Summer Resident Camp

The Laurel Highlands Council operates two outstanding summer resident camps for Scouts BSA as well as a high adventure program.  Heritage Reservation in Farmington, Pennsylvania is home to both Camp Liberty, a patrol cooking camp, and Camp Freedom, a dining hall camp as well as our high adventure program, Eagle Base.

Both camps balance merit badge opportunities with fun outdoor adventures and have programs for older Scouts.

Heritage Reservation

Opened in 1980, Heritage Reservation is the premier Scout camping facility in southwestern Pennsylvania.  Heritage Reservation encompasses 2000 acres, includes the 270-acre Lake Courage, and is home to three full summer camps - two for Scouts BSA and one for Cub Scouts - as well as a high adventure program. Program highlights at each of Heritage Reservation's Scouts BSA camps include over 40 merit badge offerings, the Day Trek older Scout program, the ATV Adventure program, waterskiing, C.O.P.E., and much, much more.

Camp Liberty

Camp Liberty is a full patrol cooking camp.  Scouts pick up their food each day from the camp commissary and cook it themselves in their campsite all week. There are only a few full patrol cooking camps left in the United States.  The patrol cooking format helps unit leadership bring the patrol method to life and reinforce it like nothing else.

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Camp Freedom

Camp Freedom is Heritage Reservation's dining hall camp.  All of the camp gathers together three times per day to enjoy a meal and some fellowship. Eating in the dining hall allows more time for units to focus on advancement and other camp programs.

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Eagle Base

Eagle Base is Heritage Reservation's high adventure program. Eagle Base's programs are for older Scouts and Venturers whose troops and crews are staying at either Camp Liberty or Freedom.  Trek participants camp with their unit in Camp Liberty or Freedom then head out during the day for adventure, returning to camp before dinner.  Evening adventure options are also available.

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