Laurel Highlands Council

Chow Wagon, Animal Friends of Pittsburgh

Scouting for Food

Chow Wagon, Animal Friends of Pittsburgh

Boy Scouts of America working with the Animal Friends

Animal Friends and Laurel Highlands Council partnership was created in 2019.  Animal Friends saw a need to help pet-owning families keep their beloved four-legged family members, even during challenging economic times, by providing them with pet food. Laurel Highlands Council knew that our Scouts could be of assistance for the Chow Wagon that enables countless dogs, cats, and rabbits to stay in their loving homes and receive the nourishment they need. This also means that their pet owners will remain well-fed because they won't need to have to choose between feeding themselves or their pets.

The need is clear - even in times of financial hardship, people will sacrifice food for themselves in order to feed their pets.

The purpose of the Virtual Scouting for Food Campaign is to collect monetary contributions so that pet food and supplies can be purchased to help the ENTIRE family in our local communities in the Laurel Highlands Council region.